The Posturepole relieves neck, shoulder and upper back pain caused by a forward head posture like bending over a desk or riding a bike.  The problem with sustained poor posture is that the load on your neck and shoulders DOUBLES for every 2-3 cm your head moves forward!  That's going to give you pain!  The Posturepole is drug-free, safe and very effective; takes only 5-10 minutes for the muscle tension to disappear!  MORE  It uses body positioning to safely and naturally release the tension from tight postural muscles, comfortably relax the shoulders and allow the user to breath slowly and deeply.  
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About Fix Bad Backs

Do you have backache or neck pain? Does your back stop you doing your normal activities? Do you get twinges or pains when you are driving or after bending over to work or after pedalling your bike? If these symptoms sound familiar, you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from back or neck pain, often caused by old age, torn, worn or lazy muscles or maybe the lingering after effects of an old accident or injury. All of these are a sign of your back, particularly your spine, crying out for proper help. Help that really works!


I have brought together a selection of safe, proven effective products recommended by Chiropractors, the experts in treating back pain, that is guaranteed to end your back pain… or your money back. Already giving relief to thousands of people through the recommendation of health professionals, they are now available right here, right now!


Dr Bruce Scott


Fix Bad Backs
Dr BRUCE SCOTT, Chiropractor