"The idea is so simple yet the results are terrific. The Posturepole satisfies a genuine need and with regular use my patients feel much, much better." 
Dr PAUL STAERKER Chiropractor WA Australia


"I have had nothing but good feedback from my patients who use the Posturepole. It's simple and it works." 
FERGUS TILT Physiotherapist NSW Australia


"If you are like me, and riding serious miles and even more serious hills, then you'll find the Posturepole an absolute godsend. I've found that after many hours in the saddle the Posturepole helps straighten me out and ease the aches and pains so I can do it all again tomorrow.

It has been a welcome addition to my daily schedule as the Crohn's Crusaders ready ourselves to complete the 3,500 km 2009 Tour de France route and in doing so raise awareness and monies for research into Crohn’s Disease."
DAMIAN WATSON 'wannabee cyclist' South Melbourne VIC Australia


"Posturepole backs up our philosophy osteopathically on anterior tightness throughout the thorax and its implications for your overall health. Best of all it is a passive relaxing easy way for our patients to achieve compliance in this goal. A real success for our patients!"
PETER PARKER Osteopath Heidelberg VIC Australia


Back Vitalizer Cushions

"I have found the Back Vitalizer to be an excellent device that allows my patients to improve their posture easily without effort and helps them hold their adjustments for longer." 
Dr ALEX BAXTER, Chiropractor VIC Australia


"I've been using the Back Vitalizer for six months now and it has relieved my chronic lower back pain which I had had for many years. It really relaxes all the muscles in my back taking the strain away from the affected area. I's so effective. I've now got one for use in my car, at the office and I'm now getting another so it's not in 'transit' but permanently at home. It's great!"
LIGA BYRON, Belgrave VIC Australia


"I have every back rest you can image but it's not until I came across the Back Vitalizer that I think I have the perfect fit."
NAOMI SKERETTE, Toronto Canada


"I suffered a lot of back problems, lower back problems and sciatic nerve problems and I purchased this Back Vitalizer about 3 months ago, since then I used it every day."
RICHARD WINE, Toronto Canada


"My neurorehabilitation practice concentrates largely on vestibular disorders and the Back Vitalizer has complemented my patients' balance rehab programs. It quickly became apparent to me that this device could also benefit many of my other patients, and indeed it has. The item is simply selling itself and I highly recommend it." 
Dr PAUL NOONE, Chiropractic Neuro-rehabilitation VIC Australia


Chiroflow Pillows

"In my opinion, this pillow can make a significant difference in peoples' quality of sleep." 
DAVID NEUMEYER, MD Sleep specialist


"I appreciate being able to prescribe a product that has no side effects. I will not have to worry about giving sleeping pills to people and worrying about the side effects of medication." 
Dr DAVID ABEND, Osteopath


"I think it has advantages in the standard pillow that we use. It is something that almost flows with the patient's positioning during the night." 
Dr DAVID WESTERMAN, MD Sleep Specialist


"Usually within one or two, maybe even three, nights' sleep, my patients report that they are less stiff in the morning, that overall their quality of sleep is much improved and that's what the [clinical] trial shows."
Prof ROBERT HALL, University Professor of Physical Therapy


"When I first tried the water pillow, I was able to sleep through the night and I woke up without having any stiffness in my neck.


"So many people have spent good money, hard-earned money, on pillows that haven't really succeeded for them, and I don't think I've had any patient who bought the pillow come back and say 'I'm just not interested.'"
Dr GREGORY COOK, Chiropractor



"An absolute boon, in the home, workshop and the office. Easy-Read has become a 'must have' book-holder, work shop manual support, and for computing reports and working documents organizing, Great! I recommend it to everyone, well done Easy-Read." 
L.M. Lancaster England


"The best book and document holder, so very useful I cannot imagine working without it." 
D.Z. Milan Italy


"This product really is my desk friend, never in the way but always there to support my reports and spread sheets -up to A3 and totally at ease with so many papers."
D.H. Exeter England


"I have been trying a new gadget. Easy-Read, the ergonomic book holder, which I very strongly recommend. I first came across it during my recent research trip in Oxford, as it was on display in the famous Blackwell's Bookshop on Broad Street. I am totally conquered and I do not know how I managed before without it."
Dr P.V. Salford University England