Posturepole Classic

The Posturepole relieves neck, shoulder and upper back pain caused by a forward head posture like bending over a desk or riding a bike.  The problem with sustained poor posture is that the load on your neck and shoulders DOUBLES for every 2-3 cm your head moves forward!  That's going to give you pain!  The Posturepole is drug-free, safe and very effective; takes only 5-10 minutes for the muscle tension to disappear!  MORE  It uses body positioning to safely and naturally release the tension from tight postural muscles, comfortably relax the shoulders and allow the user to breath slowly and deeply.



Do you have these postural pain symptoms?*

 Neck pain... Shoulder pain... Upper back pain...
Discomfort traveling down the arm(s) and into the hand(s)...
Other upper limb symptoms such as weakness, numbness or tingling...
A burning aching feeling along your back to the base of the skull...
Tightness in the chest... Dull persistent tension headaches and or 'vice like' skull pressure,
Foward Head Posture with Shoulders that turn inwards and a slouching Upper Back...


If so the Posturepole may be right for you! 

* Please note the symptoms mentioned may also be caused by other things than just poor posture.  The advice of your health professional should be considered especially if the symptoms have been very severe, persistent or there is a family history of disease.

The Posturepole activates your body's relaxation response

The Posturepole comes with instructions in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Mandarin.

Place the Posturepole on the floor and lay on it, keeping your knees bent with your head on the mesh. Gently tuck in your chin. With your arms at your side,  turn your hands out and lenghthen your spine. Now you are in the position to natually activate the relaxation response of your body and restore your body alignment.  As you relax your body muscle memory works to counter the head forward stress you've imposed on it.  Your breathing slows and shifts down into your abdomen and the tension melts.  In just 5 to 10 minutes, your spine feels relaxed and long.

How does the Posturepole work?

The Posturepole applies the basic body positioning principles of a number of European Manual Medicine techniques - Brugger's Body Positioning and Kolar's Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilzation - to the gentle lengthening of the spine and application of gravity.  The combination of approches work together to trigger a nervous system relaxation response.

The Posturepole Classic is a therapeutic device recommended by many leading Health Professionals.

£49.99 per Pole